The Greatest Bastard

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The Story

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I absolutely love this version of this song.  It is extremely powerful and so beautiful!

The Sound of Silence

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The Winter of Discontent

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     Ending another year with a heavy and shattered heart.  2016 has not been good to me.  My hopes of reconciliation with Dustin are gone, he has moved on, and with it goes 7 years of memories, some happy, some sad.  But they were memories I will always treasure dearly.  I don’t think he will ever truly know how much I loved him, or how much he hurt me.  I’m certain things are the way they are suppose to be, even though I wish they were different, and I wish I could change things between us. Most of all I wish that he didn’t look at me like I am the reason for all of his unhappiness.  Even now that he’s moved on and found someone new, I’m still the root of all his problems.  I tried, I tried so hard, and I had to learn how to be a girlfriend, and a mother, and a partner.  None of it was easy, and at times I failed.  But I tried with everything I am to make a go of it.  

     I cannot believe the kids are 10 and 13.  It seems just yesterday they were 4 and 5.  A slew of celebrity’s have died this year, our country is in the toilet, and has managed to elect the biggest neanderthal on the planet to run things.  And with 1 week down till Christmas my grandmother passed away.  She was a good woman, although we were never close. I could have called more or written more letters.  We only lived within a decent driving distance for about year.  She will be missed dearly, not just by me but by all of the lives she touched.

   I can only hope that 2017 is less of a shit show.  I will be graduating with my bachelors degree in May.  That is what I am holding out for.  It has been such a long time coming.  I’m starting my new years resolution early and plan on trying to devote more thoughts to my blog then to spew my frustrations to those around me, we will see how it goes.  


~ Kandi


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Oh Donna Summer how you touched me.

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One of my favorite Artists as a kid.  I loved this album and this was my favorite song.  At 7 I didn’t understand the words, but her voice captured my attention.  She will be missed.

The Most Beautiful Photo Ever!

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